To All the Boys

December 24, 2011

Santa's Dress Rehearsal with Ava, Lucky & Alex

What a wonderful year this has been. It’s been full of walks in the park, a road trip with Alex and Ava, and a total of five foster dogs, all unique and all wonderful in his own way. And yes, they were all males. Some I’ve written about, and some stories are yet to come. Thank you my boys, for allowing me to be a part of your universe.

Newton with his New Friend


Newton:  My first love. We struggled and learned together. And it was challenging.  It was so very hard to see you move on.  But what a wonderful life you now have.  You will always have a special place in my heart.



Crosby Finds a Mudhole


Crosby, aka Arrow:  My man! A racer who actually had to be retired at the age of five, or he’d still be running. What a gentle soul you are off the racetrack. I’ve never seen a dog fly the way you do, with absolute joy on your face and in your body. I am so fortunate that you actually live in our ‘hood and I get to see you every week.



Goofy Dog doing the Butt-Bite

Devlin, aka Carlton:  The goofiest dog ever. When you arrived, we marveled at your sheer size, and most of it seemed to be in your snout and your feet. And you stole my heart. You were so needy; so desperate to be loved and petted and cuddled. We bonded in such a special way that it broke my heart to see you go.  But I’m so glad I did. You have the greatest life now!

Mr. Lucky Loves Life


Lucky:  You came to us a few months ago when I really wasn’t quite ready for another foster. You were raw, unskilled and un-mannered, smart, strong and assertive. But so full of life. To you, every minute is an adventure. It’s hard for you to sleep because I think you’re afraid you will miss something. You have tried my patience. You have tried Alex’s patience. And you have turned into a handsome, joyful gentleman that makes us all feel good.




Tanner, my Sweet Boy



Tanner:  My sweet boy.  You are a work in progress.  From Mexico, to UC Davis, to us, you have had quite a journey in just four or five weeks.  You’ve touched everyone with whom you’ve come in contact with your quiet dignity and grace and strength, as you continue to heal.  Someone is going to be extremely fortunate to have you in his or her life.



To you humans out there, I hope all of you can let go of the bad that’s happened over this past year and reflect upon the goodness of life that is yours.  It will heal your soul.

The Simple Things with Ava and Alex

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