Ava Meets The Man

December 16, 2011

Ava with her best bring-on-the-guilt look

Ava is our neighborhood socialite, welcoming committee and greeter, all in one.  In the park, she seeks out little kids whose faces are just the right height to slip in a few doggie kisses.  The kids think she loves them.  I suspect she just knows kids always smell like food and usually have a few crumbs of cookie or cheerios or even milk on their face.

She loves to visit with the lady who thinks she’s a deer.  Doesn’t seem to mind a bit that the woman doesn’t know she’s a noble greyhound.

Alex and Ava visiting The Man at the garage

A block from our house there is an auto repair garage and it is one of her missions in life to get into that garage and check it out.  We hadn’t had her too long, when a man at the garage whom I’d seen hanging out there often, came out front to ask about our dogs and to pet them.  Ava took a liking to The Man and every time she saw him at the garage she had to go in to see him, which thrilled him.  It wasn’t long before we would let go the leash when she saw him and she would run in full tilt to greet her new friend.

Then one day while walking in the neighborhood we noticed she was eyeing one particular house differently, sniffing and stopping in front of it.  Wouldn’t you know?  One day, in the yard, she saw The Man.  He came over and affirmed that that was indeed where he lived.  From then on the love affair has continued.  She knows when we’re within a few blocks of that house and will pull toward there, stopping dead in her tracks and refusing to budge until he comes out.  Sometimes in the morning when she’s dug in, he’ll yell out the window, “Hold on.  I don’t have my pants on yet.  Wait a minute.  I’ll be right out.”  So we wait and he comes out to see Ava.  He has a camper on the side of the house that I asked him about and he said there were certain times of the year that he traveled, one being the week of Christmas.  Indeed, just this past week we stopped on our walk and he had a brand new camper sitting in the yard.  I mentioned it and The Man said, “Yeah, I’m getting ready to pull out for the Christmas trip.  We have this commitment every year.”   We said goodbye, and he said he’d see us when he got back.

Happy Holidays everyone, from

Bonnie, Mike, Ava, Alex, Lucky and Tanner

Ava and (COULD IT BE???) The Man

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