The Marathon in Tanner Land, or Try Four Greyhounds Once So You’ll Appreciate Those Who Have Four Or More Regularly

December 12, 2011


Tanner takes a stross around the house

As I wrote in my last blog, THIS Is Why We Do It, this past week we took in Tanner, a racer from Mexico with a broken leg.  And he is a sweetheart.  He’s doing well.

He can’t get enough food.  That seems to be his main focus right now.  He’s pretty emaciated, so that’s not a problem.  He gets what he wants.  However, to the other three hounds, it is very much a problem.  They keep looking at me as if to say, “Hey!  What’s up with the gimp?  He can’t even chase a squirrel and he gets the royal treatment?”

Never too compromised for a good squaky toy

Then there’s the walking situation.  Tanner must be on-leash at all times, even in the house, so every time I put his leash on, which is every two hours or so, the others get extremely excited, thinking it’s time to hit the trail.  That means a swarming mass of greyhounds innumerous times a day.  Then the dejected plop down, heads between their front paws, eyes looking up at you (greyhound peeps, you know the look), to let you know you’ve failed them once again.

And this morning we had to take Tanner to the vet to have his bandage changed.  Ah, the rattle of the car keys.  To the greyhounds, this is Nirvana.  A road trip to the park!  After getting Tanner out of the house and into the crate in the van, I look back and there are three greyhounds, snouts against the window, telling us we have failed again!

Now let’s talk about feeding time.  My two dogs, Ava and Alex are on an all-natural diet that I make for them.  However, Lucky, who is a foster dog, is on commercial kibble because I don’t want to get him used to our diet when I know that his forever home will probably have him on kibble.  Then Tanner comes in from the UC Davis Animal Hospital with another kind of kibble, plus a supplement of brown rice and sweet potatoes.  Most times by the time I’m finished feeding and presiding over the troops, I’m not sure I want to eat.

Oh!  Did I forget medications?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  Lucky has been on thyroid medication, which means trips to the vet for checkups.  Ava is on anti-inflammatories, which means trips to the vet for checkups.  Tanner is on pain meds and antibiotics and is currently going to the vet three days a week for checkups.  I’m seriously thinking of going on meds myself.  I must need something!  Anything!  Alex, please stay healthy!

I won’t even go into poop patrol.  I will say that I probably have the cleanest dog yard in the city right now, so that there are no missteps in the grass.  Tanner’s bandage must be kept clean and dry, or it means another trip to the vet, and right now he’s not the most graceful greyhound on his feet.  Hint:  antibiotics are notorious for giving diarrhea.

Ah . . . that’s better.  I really needed to vent.  And yes, I’m looking for attention and a few “good girl” pats on the head.

A big shout-out to longsuffering husband Mike, who loves greyhounds and me unconditionally.  I truly wouldn’t be able to do nearly so much, were it not for him.  We are in this together, and it’s a good thing.  So is the barbecued pork he just brought home.  Who has time to cook human food?

Husband Mike

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